Shiba Heist is orchestrated by sophisticated heist experts lead by an intelligent yet influential leader (Elon Musk also known as the professor), who takes cryptocurrency with the code of dishing out dividend rewards to all heist employees.

Hold $HEIST and earn rewards of your choice, play games, stake & much more with the latest BSC gem! With a play-2-earn game to earn $HEIST, anti-whale systems, moonshot buybacks and other DeFi tools we will change the face of BSC.

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Thinking bigger and with the goal of sustainability and longevity. Shiba Heist's ($HEIST) ecosystem will provide use-cases that will further the adoption of multi dividends, NFT's and the mass adoption of decentralized gaming.

Every holder of the Shiba Heist comes first and must understand the integral backbone of the heist. The robbery concludes that time is money, and as such we require our community to grow, take the lead and develop the Shiba Heist into a story and gaming ecosystem built from the community. We must not harm any hostages, but we must take action, together we thrive but divided we crumble.

Conducting a Heist is no easy task. We are risking our lives in the heist to deliver you a vast selection of tokens! As such we work alongside our community in Telegram to understand the user experience and usability of our games (see heist plan).

Gain passive income in over 8 different tokens of your choice or just buy back $HEIST with your rewards.






Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 = 1 Billion!
Buy tax: 12% | Sell tax: 12%
Ideal slippage: 6-14%
Shiba Heist's unique features!



5% of every buy and sell gets automatically redistributed to holders as Shiba, change between over 8 different tokens to switch your rewards on our dashboard.


& Buy Back

3% of each buy and sell is permanently added to liquidity with a buy back and burn.



3% of each buy is going to fuel our heist planning resources. This tax helps the growth of the coin, like Marketing, Development, and Buyback.


The Shiba Heist token and its symbol $HEIST is the newest multi rewarding token on the BSC Chain. With an auto-liquidity system, Shiba Heist token rewards holders in Shiba with the option through our dashboard to select over 8 tokens to gain dividends from. Simultaneously! Rewarding holders with the latest RFI contract on the Binance Smart Chain!

Rewards are automatically paid based on trading volume
Or use our dashboard and select which rewards you want to earn.

Total Supply:
Max wallet size:
10,500,000 (1.05% of the supply)
Token tradeable per transaction:
5,000,000 (0.5% max trade per transaction)
Tokens needed to receive dividends:
5,000 (0.0005% of the supply)


Mint Swap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) where users can swap any BEP-20 token for another one. The interface will be intuitive and simple to use, with a carefully designed UI to appeal to all Shiba Heist users.


Reward dashboard is a decentralized tracking dashboard where users can change their automatic Shiba rewards for over 8 different tokens! Watch the charts and HEIST tokens! Track your rewards and HODL $HEIST.


Shiba Heist is launched on the Binance Smart Chain network

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Website launch

Heistpaper Release

1K Telegram Members

Pancakeswap: 21st Dec 2021

Burn #1

PooCoin/Paid Ads

Influencer Partnerships

5,000 Holders

5,000 Telegram Members

Trust Wallet logo update

DEX/CEX Listing

Reward tracking dashboad

Play-2-Earn Game


CoinGecko (CG)

Website Refresh

Mint Swap

Shiba Heist NFT's

DEX/CEX Listing


15,000 Holders

15,000 Telegram members

ETH Bridge

Interactive game development

Third Party Audit

30,000 Holders

30,000 Telegram Members

Interactive Game Beta Testing

HEIST Wallet Launch

DEX/CEX Listing

Plan the next Heist!...

At 100,000 holders, we will announce a public place where we will throw $100,000 dollars into the sky for all to have!

HEIST Lottery

The lottery wallet holds 1.05% (Max wallet) of the supply and receives dividends just the same as everyone. Each week, one lucky holder will be able take this duffel bag of dividends home with them. The top 20% of holders will be entered into the randomizer and the winner will be notified and paid the dividends on voice chat.

12/31/2021 (NYE): #1 (view) - 4,828,918.10 SHIBA
01/14/2022: #2 (view) - 3,000,000 SHIBA
01/24/2022: #3 (view) - 0.35 BNB
02/02/2022: #4 (view) - 0.3 BNB
03/03/2022: #5 (view) - 0.2 BNB
03/18/2022: #6 (view) - 0.1 BNB
03/30/2022: #7 . To be announced on 30th March

Lottery Wallet: 0xC....De9 (View)